HSZ-L type manual chain pulley hoist

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US $30-500 / Pieces | 50 Piece/Pieces for chain pulley block (Min. Order)
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Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
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Model Number:
HSZ-L chain pulley block
Construction Hoist
Power Source:
Sling Type:
Maximum Lifting Weight:
Maximum Lifting Height:
Lift Speed:
chain pulley block color:
12000 Set/Sets per Month for chain pulley block
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
carton box/wodden case with pallet outside for chain pulley block
Lead Time :
30 days for chain pulley block




1. This type is a portable lifting and easily operated device by hand chain. It is suitable for pulling or stretchingsmall equipment and goods at any angle in the narrow places and the open air even where there is no power


2.The chain pulley block is using in safety, reliable in operation with minimum maintenance


3.It is high efficiency and small hand pull device


4.It is light and has a fine appearance with small size of the hand hoist.





1. Gear: standard international gear steel is two times as wear-resisting degree as the ordinary chain pulley block, rotation is more stable and hand pulling force is more light


2. Chain: higher strength of the chain; adapting to suddenly overweight working condition; changing the ordinary chain pulley block only vertical downward pull, fit to greater scope.


3. Hook: high strength enough material hook, higher safety coefficient; a new design is used in hook head to make sure the goods will not decoupling


4.Limit Switch: both upper and bottom hook have limit switch part prevent chain escaping to ensure security


5. Cover shell: it is suppressed by fine steel, solid steel pressing in the light


6. Body: fine design, modern and elegant and beautiful appearance; accord with human body engineering, the light machine body and activities of small interface, adapt to the environment widely


7. Spray: advanced spray processing technology, inside and outside are painted, it will be like a new one however you use after a long time


8. Components: the main components are using high quality alloy steel, implement strict size, weight inspection to ensure the performance of each part to give full play





1.Prohibiting to lift overload


2.Do not remove or obscure the warning label from chain pulley block 


3. Prohibiting to use the other engine operation except human


4. Before using must confirm the parts are intact, transmission parts and lifting chain lubrication are well, idling condition is normal


5. Check the upper & bottom hook of chain pulley block and make sure them can work well , load chain should be vertical suspension, there shall be no wrong twisted link, two rows of chain’s bottom hook rack must not reverse it


6. The operator should stand in the same plane with the hand chain wheel and drag chain to make hand chain wheel rotate along clockwise, it can make goods up; To reverse drag chain, weight can slowly down


7. In order to avoiding the occurrence of serious accidents, it is prohibited to do any work or walk under the heavy object when chain pulley block is lifting weights.


8. In the process of operation, no matter weight up or down, force should be gentle when you drag chain, don't too hard, lest hand chain beating or snap ring


9. It shoud be immediately stop using chain pulley block if operators discovery hand pulling force is more than normal. It can prevent damaging the internal structure, to avoid falling accident


10. The heavy security after landing, and the start to take down the bottom hook


11. After using, please light put it in dry and ventilated place, then smear lubricant on it




21 century is a service-oriented century, products and service is the life of enterprise, we have always attached great importance to our chain pulley block quality and after-sales service, we strive to our own efforts let customer can get the most great quality products and service, so we have increased efforts into user satisfaction services, and decided to "very satisfied with the service" as the service product brand, determined to provide customers with high-quality products services. If you have any opinion and the suggestion to our products and services, you are welcome to call us or e-mail, we will provide you with the best quality customer service.


With your support and trust, in order to protect your interest and provide you with better and higher-quality service, we guarantee as followings:


Preparative works before shipping

1. The product we provided is of high-quality, and in accordance with the quality standard set by the manufacturer. With fine packing,the equipment will keep all right in long distance transportation.

2. We will notify the buyers about the preparation work before 10 days the consignment in writing form, upon the receipt of the consignment notification; we will deliver the goods in time.


The service provided within the warranty period

We will provide 90 days of warranty period beginning from the the date of purchase, We will faithfully abide by the relevant laws, statutes and regulations and provide “Three Guarantees” and other after-sales services concerning the goods, unless stipulated otherwise in the contract


In guarantee period, the following circumstances shall be paid for the service

1. The damages happened are due to artificial factor or irresistible natural phenomenon

2. The damages and cause of the fault happened are due to improper operation

3. Because of the transformation, the decomposition of the product, the assembly lead to fault or damage

4. Service charge: subject to conditions.